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If you are a prospective student, we invite you to learn more about our international LL.M. program "Intellectual Property and Competition Law" and about our IP-focused research projects.

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Operating in Europe's IP capital and combining the strengths of four partners from two continents, the MIPLC offers a one-year international IP LL.M. program for students from around the world that is marked by its interdisciplinary approach.

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The MIPLC is proud to announce new internship opportunities for its students.

On January 1, Nicole Aschbichler joined MIPLC to replace Dagmar Klein.

Fond farewell to Dagmar Klein, our longtime Administrative Assistant who left MIPLC at the close of...

MIPLC welcomes as new faculty member Michael J. Leonard who will be teaching a part of the...

On Monday, Daniela Savarese and Inês Ribeiro da Cunha of the outgoing class have started a one-year...

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